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 buy gamma butyrolactone wood refinishingWe have been in the business of selling GBL (gamma butyrolactone) based cleaners since 2012.  Over the years we have discovered many different uses for GBL cleaner.  This versatile solvent can be used as a wheel cleaner, as a glue for plastic such as Lego, and most importantly GBL can be used as a very effective wood re-finisher.  Polyurethanes are some of the most stubborn finishes to remove.  Traditionally, the only way to remove a poly finish was to use dangerous petroleum based strippers that are flammable and produce noxious and possibly cancer-causing fumes.  GBL Wood Finish has no harmful fumes, is not flammable, and will not damage your skin like some other wood refinishing compounds will.  When you choose our 99.99% pure gamma butyrolactone wood stripper, you are choosing quality and safety.

Many of our clients are familiar with the effectiveness of gamma butyrolactone in a product known as GBL Wheel Brite.  You will be pleased to know that the same high standards of quality and exceptional customer support can be found with GBL Wood Finish.  When you order from us, you will be given the highest quality 99.99% gamma butyrolactone and our staff of customer support professionals are here to answer any questions and solve any problems.

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We focus our efforts on providing the highest quality Gamma Butyrolactone cleaner (99.99% GBL) to clients who do not need to purchase a full steel drum at one time.  We call this fractional purchases and we strive to ensure that your GBL order will be as pleasant as possible.  When you buy GBL cleaner from us, you will receive the best product and the highest customer service of any company in this industry.  We have been providing GBL solvent, strippers, and wheel cleaner to clients all over the world for many years.  We answer all emails within 12 hours so when you contact us you will not have to wait and wonder if there is anyone on the other end.